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The Premium Plan includes all the features a trader might need to analyse a specific financial asset. It includes access to Data Aggregators, Shared Bookmarks, Personalised Conditional Trading (Smart Alerts), Data Analyser (different tools that can analyse a financial asset; stock or cryptocurrency in different ways, helping the trader to forecast future trends and strength of the asset), Voting rights in the platform, Ads-free experience, prioritised Customer Support, Co-development priorities, and code submission. The Professional Plan is for firms to get trading automation in their organisations. This plan is flexible and designed according to each client. Our services include Market-Making for newly listed tokens and NFTs, designing and maintaining algo trading for crypto and traditional funds, Fund formation in Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, creation of tokens, smart contract services, and NFT minting. We also provide in-site marketing and promotion to users and tokenomic advisory services.

Centralin will notify you through email once your account has been successfully registered. Consequently, please double-check that all information is accurately entered before submitting. You may also monitor the status of your account opening by logging onto your Centralin account.

All our payment methods are secure and encrypted. Centralin’s SSL payment portal is encrypted. We accept payments in the form of credit cards, stripe and FPS as well.

We aim to be transparent with all of our customers. We introduced the free-of-cost “Basic” package so that the users get a taste of our offerings, and if they like and feel that our services will benefit them financially, they can buy our subscription. Unfortunately, Centralin Analytics does not provide a refund after a user has paid for a subscription.

You can click on the support button on the website, send your query on our Telegram channel @centralininfo or send us a message at Whatsapp at +852 9314 4997.

Click here to review our privacy policy.

Click on the “Forgot password” link on the signup page, and you will be asked for your email address. After giving your email address, you will be sent a 4-digit verification code on your email (please check your spam folder if not present in the inbox). Put that verification code in the box on the website, and you will be asked to create a new password.

The data available in Data Aggregators are scraped from famous financial websites. These websites have credibility in the financial trading community, and after thorough research, Centralin Analytics adds a new Data Aggregator page to its platform. Although our team is responsible for scraping the exact data from the other websites, we do not provide guarantees on whether the data is accurate because we are extracting, transforming, and presenting it to you in a way that can be easier for you to make investment decisions.

The Shared Bookmarks allow other traders to share their favourite links from another website on Centralin’s directory and start an open conversation for everyone to participate. This way, experienced traders can share their experiences regarding a specific area of interest and pass the wisdom to others, and many others will learn from it.

When the user is new, they can turn on the training mode and be given instructions about everything when the cursor hovers over any item.

No, currently, we are not an exchange for stocks or cryptocurrency.

You can upload the CSV files of your preferred stock or cryptocurrency for strong analysis, which can positively impact your investment decisions, and eventually earn you better profits.cx

Solutions updated every 6 hours and is first scraped at 12 AM HKT. Any scraper showing no latest data at one time will probably fetch some data after 6 hours.

CentralinCentralin Analytics

Centralin Analytics is a market making platform for cryptocurrency and NFT projects operating in any part of the world. We are a liquidity provider and crypto market makers, also provide the platform to access the most visited financial data on the web under one platform. You can integrate and analyse your data to perform personalized conditional trading on your favorite stocks and cryptocurrency.

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